Architext is owned and operated by the Australian Institute of Architects providing  both member and public access to Australia’s only specialised architectural bookshop.  Today they moved their newly acquired implementation of mBibliofile into production.  Both of the Architext stores, one in Melbourne and another in Sydney, are utilising mBibliofile for POS, Inventory Management and Ordering.  They are also using the mBibliofile Web Module for their eCommerce web site –  With direct integration of the Web Module into the POS/Inventory/order processing back-end system, Architext are able to effortlessly process their customer’s web orders.  And thanks to the custom integration that we undertook into the RAIA existing membership management system, those orders have already had the member’s discount automatically applied and teh correct payment received.

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Department of Treasury & Finance, SSP Car Pool

From all of the team here at Ecco Software, congratulations go to the Department of Treasury and Finance (Vic) and in particular the Shared Service Provider Car Pool team.  Last week they went live with their new mDrive vehicle booking system developed and configured by Ecco Software to meet the car pool needs of the various departments within the Victorian Government.

To date, two fleets are operating on the mDrive system with many more expected to come online in the coming months.  The project, undertaken as a part of the ‘Efficient Government’ initiative, promises to deliver significant savings to many government departments who have been independantly managing their of vehicle fleets.

With a wholly integrated authorisation system and the sophisticated reporting that exists within mDrive, the Victorian Government is now very well equipped to ensure that the car pool activities of it’s various departments are running smoothly and efficiently.

Australian Galleries

Congratulations to Australian Galleries who have recently gone “live” with the second generation of their art gallery ERP solution called AGMACS.  Averaging between forty-five to fifty exhibitions each year, accross multiple galleries, the challenge of keeping track of valuable works of art has never been greater. 

Developed by the team at Ecco Software, AGMACS has been completely overhauled and enhanced.  Now featuring the latest Microsoft SQL technologies, integrated mFin (full-financials) and numerous other enhancements to improve the productivity of gallery staff.

AGMACS was designed specifically for Australian Galleries, to incorporate multi-functional capabilities. To ensure maximum efficiency for sales, administration and cataloguing, the system meets the reference needs of art curators and historians and combines real-time business interaction between four galleries.